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The Essence of Kenyan C Coffee: Quality and Affordability.

When it comes to sourcing high-quality coffee beans, Kenya often stands out as a premier destination for specialty coffee roasters. However, accessing this renowned flavor profile has often come at a premium, making it a luxury for many coffee enthusiasts and roasters alike. That is until now. Enter Kenyan size C coffee - a game-changer for those seeking the quintessential Kenyan coffee experience without breaking the bank. Kenyan size C coffee holds immense potential for roasters seeking both quality and affordability.

Understanding the Kenyan Coffee Grading System

The primary Kenyan grading system for coffee is unique as it focuses on bean size, density, and shape. It is within this system where Kenyan C coffee beans are identified typically falling within a screen size range of 12 to 14.

One of the advantages of grading coffee by size, density, and shape is in roasting consistency. Having beans sorted using these parameters, allows roasters to create a more uniform roast as beans will roast at similar rates. This consistency allows for better roast profiling and control, resulting in a more predictable and refined coffee compared to mixed-size lots.

Quality and Flavor Profile

It is important to note that while Kenyan C beans may not boast the largest size, they still originate from the same renowned coffee-growing regions of Kenya. Additionally, they undergo similar processing methods which contribute to Kenyan coffee distinctive bright and complex flavor notes. Despite being categorized as size C, these beans retain much of the sought-after Kenyan flavor profile, albeit potentially with slightly muted intensity.

Accessing Quality at a Competitive Price

For roasters seeking to balance quality with affordability, Kenyan C coffee presents a compelling opportunity. While it may offer a slightly muted intensity compared to Kenyan size AA and AB grade coffees, it still retains the essence of the classic Kenyan flavor profile at a fraction of the cost. This makes it an attractive option for roasters looking to expand their offerings without compromising on taste or breaking the bank.

Brewing Recommendations

To fully extract and experience the flavors of Kenyan C coffee, it is recommended to use an immersion brewing method. This brewing technique allows for extended contact time between the water and the grounds, enabling the extraction of the complex flavor notes that Kenyan coffees are renowned for.

In conclusion, Kenyan size C grade coffee offers roasters a remarkable opportunity to access the distinct flavors of Kenyan coffee at a competitive price point. With its consistent size, distinctive flavor profile, and affordability, it is a choice worth considering for any roaster looking to elevate their offerings and delight customers with the unique taste of Kenyan coffee.

Mukarimu farm 2024 C grade coffees are available on SPOT from Jamii Coffee offering roasters access to a hidden gem within the Kenyan coffee landscape. Kenyan size C grade offers a balance between affordability and quality coffee.

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