Meet Charles Mutwiri: A Remarkable Coffee Producer with a Story of Resilience

Charles Mutwiri the remarkable producer of this coffee and whose story embodies resilience, dedication, and a profound love for coffee.

Charles Mutwiri, wears many hats - a devoted husband, father, grandfather, community organizer, trainer, and a lifelong coffee farmer.

However, Charles's path was not without challenges. Despite his passion for coffee farming, he faced resistance from his father, who envisioned a different career path for him as a teacher. Undeterred, Charles pursued his dream, expanding his initial gift to an impressive 6,000 kilograms of cherry. Yet, the 1980s brought harsh realities as global coffee prices plummeted, causing many, including his family, to abandon coffee for more lucrative crops. Despite the challenges, Charles remained steadfast in his commitment to coffee.

Charles encountered significant hurdles with rising production costs. Inorganic fertilizer proved to be costly, prompting Charles to adopt an organic approach. He opted for organic manure and a phosphate rock he imports from Tanzania. Charles believes in the long-term benefits of organic farming, promoting soil organic matter build-up to increased yields.

Tired of bureaucratic hurdles within his local co-operative, he established his own coffee processing facility right next to his home. At his facility, every coffee cherry receives unparalleled care, undergoing a rigorous process that includes pulping, fermentation, and double-washing. Only after being accurately dried on raised beds does his coffee make its way to market, ensuring every bean embodies the utmost quality and dedication.

Charles Mutwiri's journey is a testament to resilience and dedication in the face of adversity. From the humble gift of 150 coffee bushes to overcoming global market fluctuations and adopting sustainable practices, Charles has emerged as a true inspiration for other farmers in the Kenyan coffee industry. His commitment to quality and independence has paved the way for a flourishing partnership with Jamii Coffee, ensuring that every bean of his coffee tells a story of passion, perseverance, and resilience.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Charles's inspiring journey.

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