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From Kenya. By Kenyans.

We are committed to transparency, ethical sourcing, environmental sustainability and social impact.

We are revolutionizing the direct trade system by rethinking the pricing model from farm gate to warehouse. Our current direct trade model involves buying coffee directly without the use of middlemen. This allows us to pay farmers a higher price for their coffee, and to build stronger relationships with them. However, this model does not address the issue of farmers control on the price that roasters pay. Our new model addresses this issue by rethinking the pricing model to create equity. 

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We understand that trying a new coffee can be a bit of a risk, which is why we're happy to offer 100g samples of our products. Fill out the form below to request your sample. Please provide your name, position, company, email, phone number, and the coffee you'd like to sample. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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